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Jan 21, 2013 3:35am EST
of the others are, what difference would it make? you know what i mean. i prefer to be up and about. tennessee is going to ratify the 19th amendment. meaning? all american women will have the vote. which is more than they do here. well, they almost do. i don't have the vote. i'm not over 30 and i'm not a householder. it's ridiculous. you sound like sybil. you should write to the times. maybe i will. ask your mother if she needs any help with tonight's dinner. there's nothing so toffee-nosed as a prince of the church, so make sure you put him next to your grandmother. she'll know how to handle him. i've been thinking matthew, you should look through the books and meet with our accountant all that sort of thing. robert, i know you don't want to feel as though you've somehow absconded with swire's money but this is your house and your estate, and you must run it as you always have. but i think you out to be put in the picture. who knows? you might have some good ideas. (sighing) oh anna, you'll be happy to hear that as soon as we take on a new housemaid, you will be a lady's mai
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1